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Protesters pull down Confederate statue at old Durham County courthouse (CBS NC)

Deputies arrest protester who helped pull down Durham Confederate statue (ABC 11)

Durham protester charged in Confederate statue vandalism (WRAL)

Durham protester makes plea to sheriff: ‘There’s a right side and a wrong side’ (FOX 8)

Fourth person arrested after toppling of Durham County Confederate monument (The Herald Sun)

Durham, Duke protesters gather downtown in opposition of rumored white supremacist rally (The Duke Chronicle)

Solange quits Twitter, but gives shoutout to Durham protester who took down statue (The News & Observer)

8 now face charges in toppling of Confederate statue in Durham (The Herald Sun)

Latest: 1 demonstrator in custody following Durham protest, charged with failure to disperse (WRAL)

How the power of social media fueled counterprotest to false report of KKK march (Herald Sun)

Police confront protesters as rumor of KKK march brings crowd out in Durham (ABC 11)

Tense day in Durham ends in street standoff amid rumors of KKK march (The News & Observer)

Hundreds gather in downtown Durham to counter possible KKK march (Winston-Salem Journal)

‘Fight until racism is completely dead:’ Downtown Durham protest ends with no injuries, 1 arrest (WRAL)

Durham police come to face-to-face with protesters after rumors of KKK rally surface (Spectrum News)

Durham police in riot gear face off with demonstrators (WBTV)

WATCH: Marchers in Durham protest white supremacists (Winston-Salem Journal)

Anti-KKK protesters claim victory in downtown Durham (The Daily Tarheel)

When was the last time the KKK marched in the Triangle? (Herald Sun)

One Arrested In Durham Protest As Police Dispersed Crowds (WFMY News)

Thousands Of Anti-KKK Protesters March Through Downtown Durham (WUNC)

Police confront protesters as rumor of KKK march brings crowd out in Durham (WWAY)

1 charged as Durham police in riot gear clear streets of protesters (WNCN)

RAJ ANDREW GHOSHAL: Durham’s statue valorized white supremacy. We can do better (WRAL, Opinion)

Protestors claim victory as white supremacists no show in Durham (WCNC)

Sheriff’s Office Confirms It Started Those “Rumors” About a KKK Rally in Durham (Indyweek)



Takiyah Thompson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (Heavy)

Protester Arrested in Toppling of Confederate Statue in Durham (The New York Times)

Activists Topple Confederate Monument In North Carolina (NPR)

Takiyah Thompson, Hailed As ‘Hero,’ Showered With Support For Toppling Confederate Statue (The Huffington Post)

Activists Tried to Get Arrested After a Confederate Statue Was Toppled (Teen Vogue)

Meet the College Student Who Pulled Down a Confederate Statue in Durham & Defied White Supremacy

Takiyah Thompson Arrested For Role In Tearing Down Confederate Statue In Durham (Electronic Urban Report)

Takiyah Thompson, freedom fighter that climbed the Confederate statue, and others were arrested. Call District Attorney to drop charges… (International Action Center)

N.C. Activist Who Helped Tear Down Confederate Statue Arrested on Felony Charges (People)

Solange Deletes Twitter Account, Shows Support for Durham Protesters (Rolling Stone)

Solange Speaks Up for Durham Protester, Deletes Twitter Account (Pitchfork)

Solange Deleted Her Twitter To “Preserve Her Spirit” In Charlottesville Aftermath (Elite Daily)

Takiyah Thompson Arrested for Destroying Confederate Statue in Durham (Okayplayer)

College Student Takiyah Thompson Arrested For Dismantling North Carolina Confederate Statue (Vibe)

Solange Deletes Twitter Account After Condemning White Nationalists (Essence)

Who Is Takiyah Thompson? North Carolina Officials Arrested Her For Tearing Down A Confederate Statue (Bustle)

Solange calls out Nazis, praises Takiyah Thompson, then deletes her Twitter (Fast Company)

This is how you can help Durham protestor Takiyah Thompson (The Fader)

Freedom fighter Takiyah Thompson set to appear in court, you can help with her legal fees (Afropunk)

Activists Who Helped Topple Durham Confederate Statue Face Charges As Baltimore, Philadelphia Authorities Tackle Monuments (Colorlines)

Communist Group Member Arrested for Durham Statue Vandalism (American Lens)

More arrested in toppling of Confederate statue in North Carolina (Fox News)

Woman arrested for bringing down Durham, N.C., Confederate statue (NY Daily News)

Protesters in Durham “Turned Themselves In” to Show Solidarity with Takiyah Thompson (The Mary Sue)

Eight People Have Been Arrested for Pulling Down Durham’s Confederate Statue—There May Be More Soon (Mother Jones)

Stop telling me to get over slavery…when you can’t get over monuments to slavers. (Al Jazeera, Opinion)

8 now charged in toppling of Durham, N.C. Confederate statue (CBS News)

Eight people charged for toppling Confederate statue in Durham as scores line up to confess (The Washington Post)

Eight are charged in toppling of North Carolina statue as scores line up to confess (Chicago Tribune)

WATCH: Takiyah Thompson Explains Why She Helped Topple the Confederate Statue in Durham (Colorlines)

Protesters In Durham Hand Themselves Over To Authorities In Solidarity With Takiyah Thompson (The Fader)

Supporters Of Takiyah Thompson Turn Themselves In To Police For Removing Confederate Statue (Vibe)

Eight now face charges in toppling of Confederate statue in Durham (The Post-Gazette)

PSL solidarity statement to anti-racist activists arrested in Durham (Liberation News)

N.C. Police Face off With Protesters as Rumor of KKK March Brings out Thousands in Durham (People)

WATCH: Protesters Try To Surrender In Solidarity With Confederate Statue Topplers (WABE)

Protesters flood downtown Durham amid rumors of KKK rally (Newschannel 6)

Counter-protesters rally against potential KKK march in Durham, North Carolina (USA Today)

Thousands of counter protesters in Durham jump to action at rumored arrival of the KKK (Salon)

Durham protesters turn themselves in at police station after pulling down Confederate statue (Boing Boing)

Rioter Who Toppled Confederate Statue In Durham May Receive Scholarship (The Daily Caller)

Durham, Duke protesters gather downtown in opposition of rumored white supremacist rally (Express Newsline)

Durham County Closes Downtown Offices Amid Rumors of White Supremacist Rally (Newburgh Gazette)

Large demonstration in downtown Durham, NC (X News Press)

Anti-Racism Activists Confront KKK at North Carolina Courthouse (Registrar Journal)

Durham Filled With Protesters After Rumors of KKK Rally Spread (Newsmax)

Anti-hate protesters march in Durham, North Carolina, after KKK rally rumors (CBS)

Thousands Take to Durham Streets to Protest Rumored KKK Rally (The Stranger)

Man Raises Nazi Salute — Then Is Chased Out Of North Carolina Protest (The Forward)

Marchers in North Carolina Protest Supremacists (The Salamanca Press)

Did a Crowd of Counterprotesters in Durham, NC, Scare Off the KKK? (The Root)

Rumors Of KKK Rally In Durham Inspire Counterprotesters To Turn Out In Droves (The Huffington Post)

Durham’s Anti-Klan Block Party (The Atlantic)

The Confederate statue debate: 3 essential reads (The Conversation)

Tensions high after rumored KKK march in North Carolina (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

What will happen to those Confederate statues they’re taking down? Here are some options. (Mic)

Durham, N.C.: Klan in no-show after mass resistance (Workers World)

Marchers in Durham Protest White Supremacists (Apps for PC Daily)

Durham Protesters Show Solidarity With Takiyah Thompson By Turning Themselves In (Okayplayer)

Durham Residents Turned Out En Masse to Counter White Supremacists (The Nation)



Tensions flare during North Carolina protest as white supremacists warn KKK are coming back (Mirror)